Why choose Juventud y Cultura?


Working with parents and educational institutions since 1974


Certified by the Club for Quality International Education CEIC

Convenient Hours

Uninterrupted office hours and 24-hour emergency phone number


Co-founders of CEIC and members of the most prestigious International organizations

Curso de idiomas de verano en España

Immersion Programs in Spain

In a homestay, you get opportunity to live with (and become part of) a Spanish family. Spend time getting to know your family and enjoying daily life in Spain. On the other hand, our residential program is a dynamic and diverse experience where students from all over the world live and study with Spanish students at one of the most culturally and historically significant schools in Spain.

Mini Stays in Spain

We offer customized trips to Spain for any kind of group. To enjoy an unique expirience either on a home-stay with families or in residences, it’s up to you! We can tailor the trip to meet up your needs with clases, activities and field trips.

Estudiantes extranjero en casa

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